Our system

Smart-FX is a comprehensive high-tech solution for organizing an effective FX business. The system improves the quality of liquidity and optimizes the trading process for the bank's traders, and also makes it possible to automate work with clients.
The system allows you to quickly organize integration with many well-known players in the Forex market
Moscow Exchange (RSQ, OTC, SDBP, etc.)
Alfabank, Raiffeisen, Metalloinvest, VTB and many others
Зарубежные банки: UBS, JPM и многие другие
Различные системы торговли: EBS, ALFA ECN, 360t, FXAll, Bloomberg


Aggregation system that allows you to get aggregated liquidity from liquidity providers
A distribution system that allows you to flexibly configure the resulting aggregated liquidity and give it to the bank's clients (market takers). Client liquidity can be adjusted in dozens of different parameters, allowing to implement a variety of bank business models
Terminal set Client terminal. Used by bank clients to carry out trade operations with the bank Dealer terminal. Used by the bank's dealing desk to carry out trade transactions with liquidity providers on behalf of the bank Customizable sales terminal. Allows you to organize trade through an intermediary - sales Manager's terminal. Used by system administrators to manage the system
Various connectors and gateways that allow you to integrate the system with third-party services


Main features of the system

Trade SPOT, forward, swap
Competent technical support
24/5 incident response
Maintaining a bank position
Own infrastructure. Availability of our own racks in the colo exchange and LD4.
Limiting criteria customization and integration with the banking limits database
Digital signature of clients’ trades
Ample opportunities for customizing synthetic liquidity
Limit trading, possibility of separate setting of SPOT and Forward limits
Integration with services via FIX API or Web (http) API